Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship

Connecticut Technical Education and Career System's Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship course breakdown by grade. Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program.

Grade 9

3 Credits
Exploratory and Introduction to Marketing

Grade 10

3 Credits
Sales and Promotion

Grade 11

3 Credits
Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship

Grade 12

3 Credits


Exploratory and Introduction to Marketing (RE110)
Students deciding to enter the fields of Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship will be prepared for a career in marketing, which spans an array of activities required to develop, promote and distribute goods and services to consumers. Students will be given an overview of retail management operations including print advertising, retail sales transactions, visual merchandising/store design, business communications and marketing applications.

Sales and Promotion (RE210)
In Grade 10, students will focus on the principles of sales and promotion. Instruction will cover topics such as buying, product/service distribution, customer service selling, stock records, negotiating terms and conditions with buyers.

Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship (RE310)
In Grade 11, students will be managing a school-based enterprise, the Emporium gift shop, which is open to the public. Students will be expected to perform all of the management functions of operating a gift shop including business management, purchasing, merchandising, advertising/display, accounting and organizational oversight. Students analyze the elements of the marketing mix, their interrelationships and how they are used in the marketing process. Grade 11 students utilize the concepts of entrepreneurial trends, business planning, sports and entertainment marketing, market planning, market research and product planning. Students conduct marketing research, conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis and develop a complete marketing plan. In addition, students complete the marketing sections of a business plan for a business of their choice.

Marketing (RE410)
Grade 12 students will receive instruction in business ownership and logistics, financial reporting and record keeping, QuickBooks business accounting software, the functions of management, the pricing function and break-even analysis. Students develop their management style as they apply the FISH! Management and leadership program which employs strategies to build cultures of service, trust, accountability and innovation. They analyze the management and financial status of a business and apply those concepts within the school-based enterprise, the Emporium. Students complete the management, operational, organizational and financial sections of a business plan for a business of their choice. They will demonstrate the ability to complete a job application, interview and to perform entry-level job readiness and trade skills.

Students can choose to further their education at numerous colleges and universities across the country in order to obtain a four-year degree in marketing, business management, finance or hospitality management.