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June 13, 2022

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Principal’s update,

Good afternoon,

  • We completed the week with additional positive activities.  We had Senior Awards today.  It was a pleasure acknowledging our Senior class students for their achievements! The Seniors also received their caps, gown, and yearbooks. The outdoor activities for seniors are rescheduled for next week. Graduation rehearsal begins on Monday leading up to graduation on Thursday, June 16th, at  5 pm at Lyman Hall, SCSU. 
  • We celebrated the INSPIRE students with a luncheon including parents at the Owl café.  The event was well-received, a delicious buffet and congratulation to the students.  Thank you to Ms. Brown and Ms. Cavallo who organized the group.  The criteria were: kInd, exemplary atteNdance, good academic Standing, a Positive attitude, hard-working, Respectful, motivatEd, DeservingSeptember Inspired Students

9th Yaliz Sampedro

11th Joseph Ely

12th Michael Cain

October Inspired Students

9th Nadia Griffin

10th Sofia Andrade-Ciriaco

11th Michael Figueroa 

12th Antovany Acosta

 November Inspired Students

9th Natalie Brown

10th Jose Ortiz Miranda

11th Yariel Velez Espinosa

12th Evan Blair

 December Inspired Students

9th Sierra Santos  

10th Melanie Hernandez   

11th Kilee Kunz  

12th David Glazier

 January Inspired Students

9th Joseph Gamboa

10th Gabriel Green

11th Walvin Martinez

12th Giuseppina Tebano

 February Inspired Students

9th Hommynellys Elicier-Martinez

10th Luca Ferrucci

11th Andera Penalba

12th Anja Brown

 March Inspired Students

9th Natalie Balbuena

10th Karla Reynoso

11th Alexander Hernandez

12th Garnett Myers

 April Inspired Students

9th Francisco Hernandez

10th Princess Twasam

11th Emily Cuenca

12th Madison Carney

 May Inspired Students

9th Ana Basilio 

10th Jeyden Figueroa 

11th Jayden Harris

12th Kamiya Dingle


  • SEL vocabulary word for week 6/13 is Stress Management.

  Meaning:  techniques aimed at controlling one’s level of stress.

How to Demonstrate Stress Management:  take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth, pause and notice what happens in your body–observe and acknowledge your feelings and thoughts, let negative thoughts pass and visualize a calming image, socialize with friends and family, exercise, meditate, keep a positive mindset and state positive affirmations throughout the day like, Today I will make it a good day and will succeed!  


  • All students-stay focused as we fast approach your end-of-year events.  Arrive to class on time and arrive respectfully. Students out of assigned area will risk participation in events.
  • Students are not allowed to leave school property when arriving at school, for example going to Krauzers.  Students should not come to school late with Dunkin Donuts or other fast food. School breakfast is available from 7:00 -7:25 am.
  • As always, come to school prepared to learn, be on time, and in proper uniform. Hoodies should not be worn on heads, no baseball caps, and IDs visible. Ripped jeans, slides, mid-drif shirts, sunglasses, and hats are not to be worn in school.   Treat every day as preparation for college or a career!Finish off the year on a positive note!!  Have a safe and relaxing weekend!Mr. DiNatale

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