Frank DeLoma 
Department Head, Automotive Technology
(203) 397-4031 x3738
Thomas Mancini
Instructor, Automotive Technology
(203) 397-4031 x3801

Students enrolled in the CTECS automotive technology program are given instruction in and demonstrate skills and knowledge in most aspects of the automotive and mechanical repair field including safety, tools and equipment, engine repair, electrical and electronic systems, brakes, steering and suspension, engine performance, air conditioning, and drive line service. Students receive over 1400 hours of time in the trade technology area (theory and practical)

Students are eligible to participate in work-based learning (WBL) in grades 11 & 12. This program allows companies to hire students during the school day to work at a dealership, independent repair shop, or parts supplier. Students will get credit for their work experience and it is an important pipeline for getting our students into industry.

Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program.

  • Practice Shop Safety
  • Understand career opportunities in the transportation industry
  • Demonstrate mechanical repair processes and materials
  • Demonstrate tool and equipment usage and operation
  • Perform routine maintenance procedures on motor vehicles.
  • Diagnose and repair motor vehicle systems to acceptable industry and safety standards
  • Utilize “high-tech” diagnostic equipment such as digital multimeters, diagnostic scan tools, computerized front end alignment equipment, and on-car brake lathes.
  • Demonstrate professional customer service skills used in the industry
  • Utilize service information and interpret wiring diagrams during diagnosis and repair
  • ASE: Brakes, Engine Performance, Steering & Suspension, Electrical/Electronics,
  • NC3/SnapOn – meter certification and scan tool certification
  • S/P-2 Safety certification
  • Automotive Technician
  • Service Writer
  • Automotive Parts Specialist
  • Engine Rebuilder
  • Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Machine Maintenance Technician
  • Fleet mechanic